Wales fee ban to come into force this September

Wales fee ban to come into force this September

Article supplied by Victoria Barker of the RLA dated 8th April 2019

The Welsh Housing Minister Julie James AM has announced that the tenant fee ban will come into force in Wales on 1st September 2019, subject to it receiving Royal Assent.

The Renting Homes (Fees etc) (Wales) Bill was debated for a final time in the plenary last month. It is currently awaiting Royal Assent, after which it will become an Act.

Which fees will be banned?

The legislation will make it illegal for letting agents and landlords in Wales to charge anything other than permitted payments, which are rent, security deposits, holding deposits, utilities, communication services, council tax, green deal charges and default fees.

All other payments are classed as being ‘default’ payments, and will be banned under the legislation.

RLA campaigning

The RLA has been very active in the progression of this Bill, ever since it was formally introduced ny the Welsh Government last year.

During the early stages of the Bill,  the RLA’s Director for Wales, Douglas Haig, gave evidence on the Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Wales) Bill to the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee, in the Senedd.

As well as making a formal response to a consultation on the Bill, The RLA has also met with several AMs to discuss the details of the Bill, and earlier this year, ahead of the stage three debate of the Bill, the RLA encouraged members to write to their AMs about the amendments to the bill. You can read a timeline of the RLA’s involvement in the progression of the Bill here.

The announcement comes less than two months until the Tenant Fees Act comes into force in England, on 1st June. Landlords with properties in England can read the RLA’s guidance on the Tenant Fees Act here.