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We have created a list of useful links for local private landlords.  For more information please select a category and scroll down for more.


Landlord Forum Presentations

Past Landlord Forum Presentations

We have guest speakers regularly join us at our Landlord Forum meetings, here are a sample of the presentations given -

Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations landlord forum held on Monday 1st July 2019

Caerphilly Presentation

Caerphilly Landlord Forum 01.07.2019 F

A Private Landlords Experience v2

Caerphilly Landlord Forum

Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations landlord forum held on April 2019.


Property Insurance V3 - Movo2019 edition


Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations landlord forum held on Monday 28th January 2019 



County Lines Housing- Landlords

DHP Landlord Forum 28th Jan

NEA External Landlords Course March 2019_CY

Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations landlord forum held on Monday 15th October 2018

ARK Caerphilly landlord forum 15th Oct. 2018


Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations from forum held on the 2nd July 2018

RLA Inventory Plus Caerphilly Presentation

GDPR - RLA WALES Presentation


Presentations from Landlord Forum held on the 9th April 2018”

Landlord Presentation

Property Insurance - underinsurance and VAT

Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations from forum held on the 15th January 2018

Forum Presentation

CPLF update

Cardiff Landlords

Newsletter - January 2018 FINAL

Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations from 9th October 2017

10 Years On For The Forum

Caerphilly Landlord Forum Presentation

Preparing For Winter Presentation

Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations from Monday 26th June 2017

Caerphilly PRS forum June 2017

Kearns - Do's and Dont's - Eviction (Final)

Caerphilly Private Landlords' Forum Updated

Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations from 10th April 2017

Property Insurance version 2

2017 Tax presentation - Landlords

POBL Bond Scheme Presentation 2

Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum presentations from 17th January 2017

Landlord Forums

Lanlords TradePoint Presentation

Caerphilly Private landlord forum presentations 3rd October 2016

Building Cleaning Services (BCS)


Caerphilly Private landlord forum presentations 

Cannabis Factories & Landlords - Gwent Police

The Practice of the New Housing Fitness Rating System

Private Sector Housing Renewal Strategy

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Go2MyTown - Get Online with Caerphilly CBC

Damp & mould presentation from our landlord forum in July 2014.

Paula Holland, explains Universal Credit

Caerphilly Private landlord forum Presentations Monday 4th July 2016

RSW Caerphilly 04.07.16 BWJ

WT Updates July 2016

Caerphilly Private landlord forum Presentation 11th April 2016

This information is supplied by Fookes & Co “All Rights Reserved”.  Fooks & Co were guest speakers at the Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum.  Caerphilly County Borough Council are not responsible for the content within the presentation and invite readers to visit other Accounts & Business Advisors websites

11th April 2016

Presentations from the forum held on 18th January 2016

Douglas Haig_RLA Training Course Slides  - PDF Version: Douglas-Haig_RLA-Training-Course-Slides

HHSRS presentation landlord forum jan 16

Nuaire Positive Input Ventilation - Landlords & Lettings PDF

RSW presentation landlord forum jan 16 claire

Right to rent presentations

Caerphilly Landlord Forum 19th October 2015

Jan Channing (Citizens Advice Bureau)

WG TSP presentation (Creating a successful & sustainable tenancy)

Landlord Roles & Responsibilities

Landlord Roles & Responsibilities

This document is a helpful guide to Landlord Roles & Responsibilities

The Housing Housing Health & Safety Rating System

Caerphilly Bond Scheme

Caerphilly Bond Scheme

Traditionally, landlords and agents request at least one month's rent in advance and a bond before offering a tenancy agreement, which often excludes people on benefits or a low income. To assist with this, we offer a paper bond guarantee certificate to the landlord in lieu of a cash bond.  To find out more click here.

Landlord Registration and Licensing Scheme

If you rent out a property in Wales Landlords and Agents are now required by law to be registered or licenced.  A new law has been introduced in Wales which applies to all landlords and agents of private residential property.  If you own, rent out, manage and/or live in a rented property then this law will impact on you.  Log onto (please add the link)  to find out more or telephone 03000 133344.

Local Housing Allowance

Local Housing Allowance 

To find out Caerphilly County Borough’s Local housing rates click here

Smart Money Credit Union

Smart Money Credit Union

If your tenant is in receipt of Local Housing Allowance they now have the option of paying their rent directly to you through the Smart Money Credit Union. Both you and your tenant need to complete the registration form below and then you need to return the completed form to the Smart Money Credit Union office at the address shown on the form.

Smart Money Credit Union

Landlord Registration Form

Houses to rent - landlords advertise your houses for free

Houses to Rent

You can advertise your properties for free with Caerphilly Council on the Housing List.  To add your properties please contact Jackie Short from the Housing Advice Centre or Donna Elliot from Private Sector Housing.

Please also see EPCs and your responsibilities.

Choosing Between Paying for Rent or Food

Choosing Between Paying for Rent or Food

Jocelle Lovell says welfare changes will result in more rent arrears and evictions across Wales…read more.

The Furniture Revival

The Furniture Revival


Money Made Clear